We head downstairs to daven Shacharit and have breakfast before loading on to the coach and setting off to our first destination. The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. We split into groups for a treasure hunt and each one is given a map, a booklet and a tablet. Things are clearly getting serious. After an hour and a half of completing long and arduous tasks, we have a winner. The prize? The satisfaction of winning. A classic. We are feeling a bit drained after the taxing treasure hunt and so the sight our madrichim holding piles of steaming pizza boxes raise our spirits sky high. We then move on to The Blind Museum. We step far out of our comfort zones and are rewarded with an enlightening experience. Our guides are either visually impaired or blind and guide us around a pitch-black area, placing us in everyday situations and showing us how they are dealt with from a blind persons perspective. This includes simple errands and tasks like crossing a busy road or shopping for fruit in a market. Afterwards we are given the opportunity to talk to our guide and ask them questions about their lives without sight. The next stop is Machon Ayalon- a kibbutz and former bullet factory where bullets were secretly manufactured which essentially aided Israel in securing its independence. Later that evening the girls went to a karaoke place, singing their lungs out before taking Ben Yehuda street, whilst the boys play football and go swimming. A few hours later we give into our exhaustion and crash out, anticipation growing for the inevitably thrilling day ahead.Written by: Kira Moshal 



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