As the blinds were opened and the light penetrated our shortly rested eyes, we knew another day of tour had started. A beautiful shacharit led by one of our wonderfully gifted chanichim preceded another tasty breakfast. This was followed by each chanich filling up their water for the rest of the upcoming day and boarding the Sinai bus. Shmu’s sesquipedalian continued to entertain everyone who managed to stay awake on the way to our first activity, the Gush Katif museum. We watched video clips of the history of Gush Katif any when the Jewish population were evicted from the area, which triggered a range of emotions. On the whole, it was an excellent start to the day. Yad Sarah was next in the action-packed day. We started with a short movie of introduction to the charitable organisation that provides medical equipment for emergency situations. Many of us were amused by the tone of voice used in the movie when saying “yad saraaaah.” In good spirits, we split up into 2 groups to do some volunteering such us cleaning the wheels of used wheelchairs. The exciting prospect of meat sandwiches for lunch filled our hearts. The meal lived up to expectations. Feeling full and satisfied we moved on to the stalagmite caves which were truly mesmerising. We got back into the coach and headed to an unknown destination. We were greeted by the pleasant surprise that we would be cycling around Chirbat Midras. It was quite a competitive ride with many clandestine attempts made to overtake one another but it was all in good nature. After an exhausting day we arrived back at the Ramada hotel and ate dinner together. However the day was not quite finished. We had the privilege of a special concert for the last night with shtar who performed brilliantly and had everyone jumping on their feet. As their concert came to an end and our eyes began to shut on us, we were told that the eighth day of tour had come to an end. It was time to re-enter our deep sleeps for the short time that we had before another day of tour shall commence.Written by: Solomon Levy 



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