Tisha Baav started with davening and some kinnos in the hotel where we were split into groups and seperated between the madrichim where we discussed the meaning of a selection of kinnos.One madricha, Tali, spoke about kinnah 26. The main point we talked about was how the wording was slightly strange in the kinnah as it suggested that Yirmiyahu davened to our patriarchs and matriarchs rather than to HaShem Himself which we know isn’t true. After much disscussion we concluded that we daven through these people rather than to them so we’re essentially using their merit when we are turning to HaShem in times of need. 
After the kinnos we made our way to Yad Vashem which was very moving and an amazing experiance especially on Tisha Ba’av in particular as we mourn the destruction of the Beis Hamikdosh. 
After that we went to Har Herzel – a cementry for fallen soldiers and police officers. During the trip we went to the grave of Michael Levine who was one of the first lone soliders in recent times to have died for Israel. 
Just before we left Har Herzel we were given an Israeli flag and pen to write fallen soilders names on and to parade them and be proud of our country.

After a bit of rest time anyone who was feeling up to it went to the kotel to sing and dance out the fast to bring joy rather than pain. 
Another day of tour done!
Written by: Benji Shebson



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