At last, the morning of Shabbat arrived to which we were treated with the luxury of a lie in. A half an hour lie in but a lie in nonetheless. The prayer service commenced with Raphael Meyers delivering a superb recitation of the leining. Anyone with a musical ear will know that he has a wonderful soprano. It was so angelic it was as if it wasn’t him leining. This is technically true as Mr. Shmuel Ebert took over after rishon due to Raphael forgetting the rest. Before mussaf we had kiddush. Why before you might ask? Well one if the madrichim had an ingenious idea to walk to the belsz shul to daven mussaf there. Reluctantly, I went but once I arrived at the building I was in awe. It was as if the lord himself fashioned it with His (or her for the feminists) own hands. The only downside was that the main shul was locked considering that we arrived 2 hours late after the service. Alarm belsz were ringing. Out of desperation, we asked any of the remaining belsz shul members if they could open it. In the distance I spotted one. We saw many but eventually one asked us politely to leave. Something to do with the females who came with us. Lunch was ready when we arrived back at our lodgings. A group of French people were singing and we gladly joined in. C’etait incroyable! After luncheon we had free time followed by shiur. Then tisha baav came in and for those reading this I now bid you farewell. Yours sincerely, 

Shimon Ellerman



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