We arrived on Friday and got a shock, Ibexes, strong winds and smelly socks.  Everyone scrubbed up […]
Yad vasham we came in tears And never forgetting the fears,  Loss that came as a […]
Friday morning, after a delicious breakfast we set off on the coach to the biblical zoo […]
(To the beat of “staying alive”) Picking up where binny and viggy left off, We will […]
Hot and sweaty, knees weak, guns are heavy, our visors fogged up already Halachnu LePaintballing In […]
Yesterday was the first full day of Sinai Tour, most people had their suitcases and were […]
by Josh Gaventa, Rosh Madrich. Parashat Vayera is packed full of stories worth dealing with. There […]
As the blinds were opened and the light penetrated our shortly rested eyes, we knew another […]
We head downstairs to daven Shacharit and have breakfast before loading on to the coach and […]
Tisha Baav started with davening and some kinnos in the hotel where we were split into […]