Hot and sweaty, knees weak, guns are heavy, our visors fogged up already

Halachnu LePaintballing

In the early Shaot of the morning

A brilliant way to start the day, Yom Chamishi of our Sinai Tour Holiday

After Paintballing, Came Kayaking

A strong Achdut, whilst capsizing

But each man for himself when it came to rowing
Lunch served on the banks of the Jordan, enough delicious food to fill all us yungen
On the coach we boarded, towards the holy city of Tzfat

An inspirational speaker, whilst we all sat on a mat

Kabbalistic views, brink of weird. Expert geezer, typically defined by his payot and beard.

The shul of the ARI we visited

And in that of R’ Yossef Caro we Mincha’d

A tiring and fulfilling day, much learnt

Concluded by a majestic waterfight in the evening, prior to an immediate bedtime because we were exhausted and all needed sleep
-Binny and Viggy



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