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Education and Innovation


Hadracha Training is a fundamental part of our Year 11 Winter Retreat. Key skills and experience turn our current Chanichim into our future Madrichim. During our Hadracha training, Year 11 will have an opportunity to run activities and Tochnit for the current Junior Machane. Being a Madrich is one of the most rewarding roles one can take on and we hope to prepare our Year 11’s for this time in their lives.

Peulot & Shiurim

Peulot are discussion based activities that are primarily there for our Year 11’s to engage with new ideas and interests. They are always a highlight for everyone on camp as they provide an opportunity for some low-key contemplation after the hype and fun of the day.


The activities on our Year 11 Winter Retreat are just that more fun and sophisticated. We believe as a reward for being loyal to Sinai and attending the Winter Retreat, we can reward our Year 11’s in the form of brilliant adventure activities such as go-karting, snowboard, an escape the room experience, bowling and much more.

What is the Year 11 Winter Retreat?

The Year 11 Winter Retreat is the perfect balance. A five day Winter Retreat, allowing our Year 11 Pre-Tour group to kick-back, relax and create some great memories with their friends, coupled with Hadracha training.

We pride ourselves on a family and community environment and therefore all our year groups stay on the same site and have camp together. This also give our Year 11’s a real hand-on experience with planning a Tochnit for our current Junior Machane.

Every camp is designed by Mazkirut and Senior Management Team of that camp to challenge, inspire and educate our Chanichim. They are consistently a highlight of our Chanichim’s and Madrichim’s year.

This year Sinai’s Year 11 Winter Retreat takes place from

Thursday 22nd December – Monday 26th December!

Pricing Plans and Bursaries