Yad vasham we came in tears

And never forgetting the fears, 

Loss that came as a cost

6m were killed and many were lost  

But here we are today 

Living the right way

Standing with pride 

For all those who died
Sinus Chinam took place 

Hatred towards the race

People killing, people dying 

Whilst Chanichim were crying 

We watched a film which touched our heart

In which we all took part 

Including words that hurt 

And actions which made people feel like dirt 
When we needed to pee

We legit just weed 

Even tho it was a fast, we all had a blast 

And baby d got a cast 

Anticipation we arrived at the kotel  

With flags on our backs 

Quite frankly needing snacks 

Dancing and singing 

Whilst our heads were ringing 

Breaking our fast on the coach was a joke

Because none of us could cope 

Counting down in 1,2,3,4

Stuffing our faces more and more.
~ Debbie Taj and Dina Phillips 



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