Friday morning, after a delicious breakfast we set off on the coach to the biblical zoo where some of us did fun and crazy initiative tests whilst others relaxed in the grass. We then made a quick visit to meah shearim where we spent some time shopping in Mannys before walking to machaneh yehudah market for some Friday afternoon shopping and lunch. We bought souvenirs, food and jewellery as well as 10 shekel gifts for each other which we exchanged on the coach. We then headed to the hotel, purchases in hand, in order to prepare for shabbat early so that we could get to the kotel in time for a quick shiur before kabbalat shabbat. After an uplifting erev shabbat davening which was shared at the kotel with many other tours from all over the world we headed to netiv aryeh yeshivah for a delicious but spicy dinner overlooking the kotel, before a heart rending tish sitting on the kotel plaza. We then enjoyed a long walk to the hotel, and went to bed ready for shacharit the next day. On shabbat morning, we enjoyed shacharit with Rabbi Andrew shaw of mizrachi joining us before a shiur, kiddush, and lunch. We then had two hours to shluf before a group game, minchah and a walk to the knesset where we spent time looking at the beautiful menorah sculpture outside the building and learning about the decoration on it. We returned to the hotel for seudah shlishit before mariv and havdalah. After shabbat we all walked to sacher gardens where IDF soldier Sam baum gave us a taste of army basic training (which some of us enjoyed more than others). We then returned to our hotel, ready to sleep and gather energy for another long and exciting day tomorrow!



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