We arrived on Friday and got a shock, Ibexes, strong winds and smelly socks. 

Everyone scrubbed up well,

Holding their hair back in pictures in order to look swell. 

Exchanging gifts for one another,

Whilst expressing our love for each other. 

Kabbalat Shabbat, we sang together,

Making the moment Last forever.

After dinner we assembled in teams,

Putting in mouth pieces, making us beam. 

Singing songs with our mouths open wide

Rapping and rhyming about slides. 

The next morning we were woken up late,

Something which we all did rate. 

Davening did drag on and on

“Oh Hashem not today” said Cohn. 

Starving and tired, for kiddish we moaned 

Arik was not happy and he groaned 

Shiur was replaced by a Q and A

Two state solution, YAY or nay?

A dare tochnit gave everyone a scare 

Licking ears and toes “what a mare?” 

In six minutes two planks were complete 

Two bottles downed and two socks from sams feet

To the craters edge we walked 

Viewing the site while yaakov talked and talked and talked 

Ending Shabbat with seudah shlishit

If only we had been in Bereshit 

We were inspired by sams speech 

Aspirations to be cool and frum in the reach 

The night ended with a star gazing tochnit

Around the bonfire we all did sit 
By Rebecca Bornstein and Chloe Gold



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