On Friday we went to the see the Bar Kochva caves where Bar Kochva and his students hid during the time that they were, yet again, persecuted by the Romans. We got the chance to go crawl inside the actual tunnels but some of us didn’t want to due to the tight, small size of the caves. While we were waiting outside for those who had gone in we bumped into BA tour and saw some of our friends. After that we got free time in Machane Yehudah for lunch and then headed back to the hotel to prepare for Shabbat. 

We drove to the kotel for Friday night davening which was really an experience of a lifetime. Sinai girls, chasidim, reform and even non Jews came together creating the most unbelievable atmosphere with a huge audience. Although we didn’t speak the same language, the Israeli songs connected us. 
For dinner we ate at the Sephardic Centre with other tour groups and several lone soldiers. They inspired us with their personal stories about the army to the extent that many of the boys began considering going to the army. We finished an amazing day with a 2 hour walk home…
Written by: Micki Wulwick



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