While it may still be the three weeks, that didn’t stop us from having a jam packed day 3.
Going to Shmuel’s yeshiva in the gush and then going to see the bus stop where the three boys were kidnapped gave the day an emotional start. We then went to Oz V’Gaon – an area where a new yishuv will be built to commemorate the three boys. We dug out rocks and cleared land for building foundations to be built. This was mid day in the heat and all of us really felt like we could let out our frustration, not only of the losses of the three boys but all the tragedies that have happened in Israel. It was only lunch time and we had all felt like we had achieved something. We were rewarded with Shmuel’s achievement of finishing mesechet brochos, (the girls finally had some meat) and we were lucky enough to use the geological toilets provided! We were also lucky enough to go to Rabbi Shlomo Kimche’s apartment which overlooks the whole of Efrat, and that’s when he told us to “make your dream into a window”.
After being given some refreshing ice pops , we made our way to a ropes course and zip wired over wonderful views. It wasn’t over yet though. We all loaded the bullet proof bus to brave our way into chevron. Mearos Hamachpela and walking through the streets really completed the day, with a perfect amount of fun and learning.

Written by: Shayna Joffe 



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