After a long, exhausting flight we arrived to Israel where we met the boys and our madrich Daniel. We all packed onto the tour bus for the first time feeling energised and excited for the journey to come. Straight from the airport we went to daven at a moshav and then had a bagel breakfast in a nearby park. After that we went on a segway tour at the tayelet where we saw the most breathtaking views of Jerusalem and beyond. There were a few slip ups on the way, and we were all ravenous for our first Israeli meal of falafel and pita. After this we headed to our hotel, the Ramada Royal Wing, where we were greeted with impeccable service and soon settled in to our stunning rooms. After a quick change of clothes we headed to the Kotel where we davened our first maariv which set the tone for all of our tefillos to come. This was followed by a quick educational tunnel tour which was enjoyed by all. We returned to the hotel and continued our night the way we would every night to come, have you ever wondered why groups followed by our shiur groups, each with a different madrich/a on the overall topic of shmitta. This was the end of a wonderful day but the beginning of a wonderful three weeks.
Written by: Eliana Friedman  




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